air intake cover

To create a stock of these covers that get damaged very easily.

Fuel pump diaphragm

High use consumable - OEM out of business so many technologies used to replicate.

Air bleed valve

Complex machining of tiny cast valve part

C130 - Generator terminal Block

Stocks gone through maintainence damage

Aircraft toilet valve

Stocks ran out through damage - reversed engineering offered stronger, lighter versions.

Angular Accelerometer

Extremely complex mix of electronics, wiring and machining for high reliability application.

1980's PCB - harsh Environment

Very basic power input PCB - but too old for OEM to support - upgrades and better design.

some of the many items that have found solutions here

Rugged Radio backpack 

100% copy of original backpack but with much higher quality stitching and materials.


Very High speed bearings

To source full specification bearings for a civil helicopter modification - a development program