Use our services whenever you have a doubt about your equipment's long term reliability, safety or ability to make you money.

The sooner you involve us the sooner your business security will be established.  Think of us as removing this weakness in your business planning - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) so your business is not just secure but actually would have a realistically higher value.


You are someone who is suffering from obsolescence or some other form of component shortage.  Someone who has already exhausted the OEM and after market supplier.

In short - you have run out of options with a valuable piece of equipment that is going nowhere unless this part is found.   So today is your LUCKY day, you found us, and we will reverse engineer your part (provided its legal to do so) and you will then have a sustainable source of parts from now on.


Why use Reverse Engineering Solutions - because if you fit the criteria for "WHO ARE YOU?" then this company will save you money in replacing the equipment that only needed the one part to have it fully operational again.

Alternatively, if this is a critical piece of equipment and it's running properly right now, but you are concerned about having too few (or no) spare parts for the safe continued operation, then using us is pro-active maintenance and will save prolonged down times.


David Purdie is the owner and CEO,  David moved to the US with his American wife in 2012.

His history is of being an apprenticed mechanical Engineer in the UK with 8 years of technical college and a very varied work history in mechanical engineering and electronics - mostly in PCB manufacture and assembly.  When David decided it was time to work for himself and started Precision Repair Services - it was to utilize all the work history to date, by doing mechanical repairs to PCB assemblies (burns, breaks, warp and lifted/damaged copper).  While running this company he was asked to modify, using wire, many boards.  That is until one day he was asked to do 200 of one modification, when he thought that was going to be very repetitive not to mention boring - so he developed a system of modifying PCB assemblies using thin locally positioned laminate bonded to the original board, very aptly named "InvisiMod."  And so another company was born - InvisiTech Ltd.

InvisiTech Ltd is a UK based company offering solutions to obsolescence and PCB upgrading and is still running all these years later, being managed by David's business partner Shirley Young.

In the US David started  two companies Dynamic Property Associates for property developing - and David Purdie Associates as a catch all for other work,  It has now been decided that the engineering side needs its own business and so  Reverse Engineering Solutions has been created to fill that void.

The reverse engineering solutions needed have been very varied and have called upon all of his UK history and on many occasions have required much research to achieve the right end result.


The projects page shows many generic examples.  We also recreate PCB's and passive electronic components.  Any form of mechanical part or assembly, in any industry from farming to rocket science.  Hydraulic/Pneumatic parts and pipework.  In short we have and will look at anything you bring as a special need for your organization.


1. Software

​2. Items with onboard computing